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Cannabis Commerce Group Consulting (CCGC) presently represents numerous cannabis business clients who possess one or numerous ‘marijuana’ license(s)/business(s) for sale. We also represent vetted and qualified ‘marijuana’ business/license buyers. In cases that CCGC does not represent a client/business, CCGC has verified and vetted knowledge of existing ‘marijuana’ businesses/licenses for sale. CCGC has every available marijuana business/license for sale; including cultivation, production, retail and lab licenses.

If you, or a client, are interested in engaging with CCGC for the purchase or sale of a marijuana business or license, we require the following:

1. Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention Agreement (NDNCA). Must be executed by you and or any other party(s) requesting information about the purchase or sales of ‘marijuana’ business(s)/license(s). This includes the potential or prospective buyer(s) and or seller(s).

2. Verifiable Proof of Funds. We require proof of funds from any company or potential buyer(s). If you do not have these from the buyer(s) DO NOT attempt to engage with our company. False or fictitious documents will be reported to the authorities.

3. CCGC Consulting Agreement. Once you have met members of our Team and a seller or buyer wishes to engage (exclusively or non-exclusively) with CCGC. We require an executed CCGC Consulting Agreement.

*CCGC does not, and shall not, ever enter into a verbal or ‘inferred’ agreement with you, a broker, attorney, agent, lead generator, introducing party, or a party that refers a buyer or seller to CCGC. CCGC hereby does not agree to any payment or compensation to you or anyone unless specified in writing and agreed to by both Parties.