With the numerous methods and variations within the marijuana industry; which one is right for you? Is the information you are being told correct? With CCGC you get a Team of experienced experts who know and explain what is best for your operation and operations. Trust CCGC when it comes to your questions and solutions for:

Marijuana Cultivation / Grow Operations

Medical & Recreational

  • Indoor Grow Marijuana  Cultivation
  • Outdoor Grow Marijuana Cultivation
  • Green House Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana Production / Processing Operations

Medical & Recreational

  • Cannabis Infused Edibles
  • Cannabis Infused Tinctures
  • Cannabis Infused Topicals

Marijuana Dispensary / Retail Operations

Medical & Recreational

  • Marijuana Dispensary Licensing
  • Marijuana  Dispensary Design
  • Flow
  • Functionality
  • Décor
  • Marijuana Dispensary Administration and Support
  • Marijuana Dispensary Tax Compliance, Book Keeping and Accounting
  • Marijuana Dispensary Regulatory Compliance
  • Marijuana Dispensary Inventory Systems and Controls
  • Marijuana Dispensary Staff Training and Education
  • Marijuana Dispensary Marketing
  • Web Design / Development
  • Social Media
  • Media Buys (Billboard, Magazine, Radio…etc.)
  • Merchandising and SWAG
  • Weed Maps & Leafly Account Management