The Cannabis Commerce Group Team is comprised of some of the most experienced and renown professionals within the marijuana industry. From their combined years of experience within all segments of the marijuana industry, to their concise understanding of regulatory and legal issues; we challenge any other organization to compete or compare to the CCGC skillset and expertise.

Robert Casillas
CCGC Partner / President

Maritza Bermudez
Vice President of Business Development

Lucy Stewart
Vice President Government Affairs / Entitlements

Richard Gallegos
Vice President Architectural & Design

Desta Collins
Director Permitting & Licensing

Robert Raymond
Director of Cultivation & Production 

External Affiliate Legal Counsel

  • Derek J. Connor, Esq. and Amanda N. Connor, Esq.
  • Connor & Connor Law Firm (Las Vegas)

External Affiliate Legal Counsel

  • Jay H. Brown, Esq.
  • Brown, Brown & Premsrirut Law Firm (Las Vegas)